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Sewage Removl

Sewage Removal


Business Sewage Removal
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Business Sewage Removal

Kavanaugh provides contract vacuum truck sewage removal directly to businesses, winter road or summer construction camps and job sites, as well as off-grid residential homes. 

Our vacuum trucks are used to remove non-hazardous materials such as sewage, greywater, stagnant water, and cooking grease. We are available on schedule or on-call and even 24hrs for emergency services.

Hydrobac Services

Hydrovac Services

Kavanaugh’s hydrovac truck provides safe, precise, and cost-effective hydro excavation and daylighting.

The hydrovac is the perfect solution for situations when the low-level accuracy of machine digging becomes too high risk. The hydrovac uses high pressure water and industrial strength vacuum to break up soil and collect debris. Whether you need to safely excavate to expose electrical cables or gas lines, or clean out a culvert, our experienced team and specialized truck will get the job done for you. The hydrovac services include: daylighting, potholing, trenching, piling and test holes, debris removal, culvert clean outs and nonhazardous spill cleanup. 

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