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Waste Removal


Business Waste Collection and Rentals
Dumpsters Recycling Waste

Business Waste Collection and Rentals

As the leader in front load dumpster rental and servicing, Kavanaugh rents dumpsters in various sizes and lid configurations, including locking or non-locking.

Our knowledgeable customer service team will work with your business or organization to choose the right size for your needs and implement a reliable and cost-effective collection schedule for rented or customer-owned bins.


Mixed Solid Waste Bins: available in 2yd, 4yd and 6yd sizes with locking or non-locking lids


Cardboard Recycling Bins: available in 6yd with locking or non-locking lids


Organic Waste Bins and Carts: available in 240L Cart or 2yd and 4yd bin with locking or non-locking lids

Roll-Off Bin

Roll-Off Bin Rental and Tipping

Roll-off bin rentals are perfect for large construction sites, commercial businesses, demolition projects and even home renovations.

Our team works with you to determine your roll-off bin size and lid needs. We then arrange for seamless delivery, tipping on-call or schedule, and final removal according to your schedule.


Available sizes: 15, 20, 30 and 40 cu. yd. capacities, open-top or lidded

Construction Waste Roll off bin
Compactor Supply and Servicing
compactor waste commercial

Compactor Supply and Servicing

Waste and cardboard disposal at businesses or major centres can become even more cost-effective with the use of a compactor.

Kavanaugh supplies compactors for sale, rent or lease-to-own. The Kavanaugh team can perform scheduled or on-call tipping of rented or customer-owned compactors, as well as provide yearly inspections or servicing and repairs when required. 

Customized Bins

Kavanaugh supplies and services customized bins that can handle multiple waste streams.

Kavanaugh supplies and services customized bins that can handle multiple waste streams. For example: mixed solid waste on one side and recycling in the second. We also supply bear-proof bins for those that require it. 

Custom waste management
Customized Bins

Waste Removal


City Curbside Carts
Residential waste collection

City Curbside Carts

Kavanagh has been reliably providing the City of Yellowknife with scheduled contract waste removal collection for over 55 years. We are pleased to say that we have never missed a collection day!

The City of Yellowknife operates a two-cart waste system for single-family dwellings in residential areas as part of the Curbside Cart Program. Black Carts (240L) are used for mixed garbage and picked up one week and Green Carts (120L) are used for organic waste that is picked up the following week. To ensure collection, carts must be placed with 3’ of clearance in your assigned spot by 7 a.m. on collection day.


For information about your assigned cart placement spot, collection day and waste sorting, please visit the City of Yellowknife website

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